6 reasons why you should corporate with offshore mobile app developer

6 reasons why you should cooperate with offshore mobile app developer

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The mobile app is now more than just an expenditure, it's a profitable investment. Mobile apps can assist businesses in many business operations such as customer care, customer service and follow-up orders, accompany customers on the path of health care, convenient online payment, or simply to create prismatic colors photographed extremely beautifully for a more colorful life...

Amidst the ever-increasing demand of the technology market, getting a great idea is really valuable; However, it is not easy to find a service provider who is responsible for turning those wonderful ideas into reality. Because, among many service providers and individual developers, individuals, considering financial conditions, product goals of the business and understanding the work platform from the Developers is endless.

Understand your anxieties to concern many options, from onshore to nearshore, or offshore developer, in the following article, Saigon Technology will come across 6 major reasons.

Table of Contents

  1. 6 reasons why you should corporate with offshore mobile app developer
  2. Various talent pool worldwide
  3. Reasonable & affordable cost
  4. Good risk management
  5. Avoiding the snooping of the competitor
  6. Quick access to the latest technology
  7. The same programming languages all over the world
  8. Saigon Technology - The leading software company in Vietnam

6 reasons why you should corporate with offshore mobile app developer

Various talent pool worldwide

For countries that have been promoting technology - software, the human resources there are always plentiful with high skills and there are always many ideas available. Exposure to different cultures will give you an overview and a variety of issues, implementation ideas and technical expertise.

Moreover, unlike software developers in your own country, you will not need to sign a long-term contract or be subject to too many constraints. For larger projects, offshore app development companies have enough bandwidth to scale to meet your needs.

Reasonable & affordable cost

One extremely compelling and reasonable reason in modern times today is price. Some countries have strong human resource potential for software development - especially in developing countries, which will have service cost is significantly lower than countries in Europe and America.

I mean, the countries with the most competitive fees are all in Asia. It is interesting to note that not all countries with “low cost life” are ideal for software outsourcing development. According to Wikipedia in fact, only a few countries have relatively stable political and economic backgrounds, modern infrastructure and acceptable compatible legal system are considered to be ideal for sourcing. Examples and most popular regions are China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Ethiopia, India, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Mexico, Bolivia, Cambodia, Hungary and Czech Republic.

Good risk management

Before embarking on building a product, it is best to anticipate and plan to cope with risks that may occur in the future. We will never know what those risks are, from government regulations and economic recession to market fluctuations and talent.

 It is interesting to note that, if you hire a company in developing countries to build offshore applications, you will benefit from the rules of foreign investment in such developing countries. In addition, you do not have to worry much about maintaining work for incompetent engineers or backlog facilities.

Avoiding the snooping of the competitor

Companies in the same country often have known each other for a long time, and understand each other's strengths and weaknesses. Bringing one company's ideas into the integration of other companies' mobile apps can also be seen as happening quite often. Therefore, sometimes,  applications developed from Developers in the same country often have the same style and are slightly similar, more or less.

Quick access to the latest technology

Application development companies in developing countries tend to research and use the most advanced, low-cost technical infrastructure. Most customers look to developing countries for better service rates, so the more opportunities - meaning that experts from these countries are always up to date on trends. Latest and most quality to serve customers.

For example, India, one of  leading technology hubs in the world, has Google-certified app development companies in fledgling platforms like Flutter. So anyone looking to build a flutter app can find the same level of infrastructure and expertise on a flutter app at a lower cost than internal developers.

The same programming languages all over the world

English has now become an international language. However, in this section, we are talking about "programming languages". And rightly so, although the usual communication language will sometimes become an obstacle between the business and the Developer team, the programming language is not - because Global developers speak the same code language. and can deliver good, even better results in development, regardless of the first language programmer. So outsourcing may require you to get a translator but also provide an untapped global talent pool.

Saigon Technology - The leading software company in Vietnam

With nearly a decade of dedication to the software development industry, Saigon Technology has received and conducted many mobile app building projects for startups and large corporations around the world. Leading a team of top-notch software development engineers, Saigon Technology Solutions has been ready to meet customer requirements for programming languages such as ASP.NET, AngularJS, NodeJS, React JS, iOS and Android / React Native.

We provide high-qualtiy software product development, web development, mobile application development and software outsourcing services to Fortune 500 and growing startups in the world.

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